Bring Your Vehicle to Hunter’s for Your MD State Inspection

Make Sure Your Car Functions Properly with a MD State Inspection

If you live in the state of Maryland and wish to sell or transfer a vehicle, your vehicle needs to undergo a MD state inspection. These inspections ensure that the vehicle you plan to sell or transfer functions properly and accurately represents the value of the transaction. If you plan on selling a car, truck, or SUV in the Frederick area, bring your vehicle to Hunter’s Automotive, LLC, for your MD state inspection. Our qualified staff has years of experience in the industry and will make you aware of any issues with the vehicle before giving you the “OK” to sell. Make sure you have registered your vehicle before bringing to our shop for your inspection.
For more information on MD state inspections or our other services, call Hunter’s Automotive, LLC at (301) 791-5101.

What Happens if My Vehicle Fails Its MD State Inspection?

If your vehicle fails any element of the MD state inspection, we cannot legally issue your inspection certificate, and you cannot sell your vehicle. However, this can sometimes be a relatively easy fix that does not take much time. Your easiest option to move forward and receive your inspection certificate is to have the issue fixed and return it to our station. In most cases, we can fix the issue and give you your certificate. If you choose to have your vehicle’s issue repaired by another automotive service, you can still bring it back to the same inspector who performed your original inspection.
When you do this in less than 30 days and within 1,000 miles of your previous inspection, your inspector needs only to inspect the part or parts that failed the initial inspection, as opposed to the whole vehicle. If you return over 30 days later or have driven the vehicle more than 1,000 miles in that timeframe, Maryland law requires a complete inspection. If you have any questions about our MD state inspections and what they entail, call one of the professionals at Hunter’s Automotive today, or visit us on Frederick Street in Hagerstown.